17 tricks to become a more calm and happy person

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calm and happy person
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Feeling stressed … From the point of view of mental health, the last fifty-two weeks were not really the best, given the electoral anguish and the drama of dramatic events that happened at regular intervals. How do you not live in a constant state of stress?

Here is the utility of these tricks … Below you will find some techniques that will help you cope with the stress of the coming year, making it the most enjoyable and happy human being in all respects …


Your body has a natural remedy for stress already: your mind and your lungs. Follow the rhythm described in the chart to sync your breath and find some calm.

Step out at least once a week

Exercising – even just walking – is able to affect your mental health positively, importantly. But if you confine your exercises to four walls you may lose some of the benefits. Research shows that a walk through nature can relieve depressive symptoms by significantly improving your mood. If then the one you choose to go for a walk is a sunny day, even better.

Make new experiences

Let go of shopping therapy – try out with adventure therapy. Research shows that you spend money on doing things instead of accumulating objects will bring you a greater joy.

Write down why you feel grateful

Keep a diary anyway. Research suggests that putting your own negative thoughts on black to white will help free your mind and pinpoint the things that you appreciate can help you improve your psychological well-being.

Try using the therapy

There is nothing wrong with seeking help for your mental health. Experts agree that therapy brings incredible benefits by helping to reorganize and manage their own negative emotions and behavioral problems.

Take a break from the media

If all the horrible news has struck you down, well, you are not alone. Research shows that constant exposure to a negative news flow can have a critical impact on mental health. If the news loop weighs you, try disconnecting the plug or reducing it for a while.

Compile a playlist of mental health

When you feel anxious, press the play text. Research shows that some specific songs can reduce up to 65% of your anxiety, Inc. claims.

Go to bed an hour earlier

Sleep is a magical elixir for your mental health. Research shows that some Z less makes it more difficult to control your emotions and makes you more susceptible. To be silent about the fact that little sleep is able to adversely affect your physical health.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Of course, a good glass of red won at the end of a long day is one thing. But too much gin and tonic after a heavy working week – with the hangover that follows – might not be ideal for your psychological health. Some research indicates that drinking heavily can increase the anxiety levels.

Give a cut to the toxins in your life

An account is the time when a good friend passes through a difficult time and you try to stay close to him to help him overcome him. Another is to stay in the company of someone constantly stressed for everything. This can adversely affect your well-being: the research tells us that stress is contagious. The good news? It is also happiness. Be careful to train your team.

When you feel anxious, tell them to others

Sharing your own emotions is good. Experts agree: talking about their own anxiety – especially with professionals – is the key to managing it and reducing it.

Donate your time or money to an association that pursues a major cause

In addition to improving the lives of others, there is convincing evidence that volunteering is really capable of improving the mental health of the volunteer, providing it with an aim and reinforcing its social ties.

Do acts of kindness at random

It is a virtuous circle that can do so much. Offering coffee to a stranger, offering lunch to your mentor or keeping the door open to someone who needs help. Research shows that it is even able to improve your mood, pushing you to do it more often.

Treat yourself to the luxury of feeling sad

Yes, you read that correctly. Human beings cross a range of emotions each of which deserves attention. Research shows that crying can be cathartic, giving you a way to better shape what’s upsetting you. Arm yourself with handkerchiefs and let those tears rain.

Organize a vacation

The holiday wait is a reward in itself, almost equal to the holiday itself. Research indicates that planning a trip is able to increase your happiness. It does not matter whether it’s a weekend or an excuse to use your vacation: start packing.

Dedicate your self-assertion

Internal dialogues can be terribly violent. But a promising search tells us that self-affirmation – that is, the act of focusing on your strengths and on what you value – is able to counteract at least in part the negativity habitually braced from your brain.

Take a break

Humans often undergo pressure with the goal of “doing everything”, which can lead to a sense of burnout and guilt. You are the worst critic of yourself. Next year, give yourself up and start accepting it in full. By doing so, sooner or later you will feel more serene and vital.

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