30 things people do not know you do because of your depression

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Laugh to not cry … It’s a shame that’s true.

Many people think that depression means “very sad,” and unless you have experienced it personally, it is easy not to realize how deeper the problem is. Depression manifests itself in very different ways, some more obvious than others. There are those who cannot get out of bed, but there are also those who go to work without problems – it’s different for everyone.

To find out in what shapes – imperceptible by others – we can manifest depression we wanted to interview our community dedicated to mental health, asking what are the things people do not even notice when they are depressed.

Here are their answers …

“In social contexts, some do not realize that the fact of staying alone or not talking more than so depends on depression. Rather, they end up believing me to be rude or want to be asocial.” – Laura B.

“I’m trying to get out of bed, sometimes I spend hours, and even then the idea of taking a shower seems exhausting, and if I can, I’m ready for a rest, people do not realize it, but anxiety and depression leave you without any force, as much as a real physical confrontation with a professional boxer. ” – Juli J.

“First, accept an exit and then take it back to the last minute.” Excuse me, but the truth is, you do it. “Finish to convince you that friends do not really have any desire to meet you, and that in the end they only do it because you are worthy of it because they feel obliged.” – Brynne L.

“I’m in my cell phone, yes, I’m an employee, but not like others, I do not use it to socialize, play, or go shopping online but distract me from negative thoughts It’s my security bubble”. Eveline L.

“I’m sleeping at nine o’clock and sleeping uninterruptedly at 10 or 11 am”. – Karissa D.

“Leave me alone, I do not do my job at work because I cannot pass on anything, and I make self-healing, I often say, ‘I laugh not to cry’, pity it’s true. – Kelly K.

“When I feel depressed and I ask for help I do it because I need someone who tells me I’m not alone, not because I’m hunting.” – Tina B.

“I do not like to talk on the phone, I prefer messages, I feel less pressure, I’m also an associative, not because I do not like people, but because I’m pretty sure no one can support me.” – Meghan B.

“In my work environment I’m out of compensation … and as I’m in the Fitness Center desk I feel obliged to be part of the one that has a ‘carefree and effervescent’ character. When I then go that threshold at the end day, it seems to me to collapse. It’s awesome … It’s just that she is good at hiding it.” – Lynda H.

“I drink too much, people believe that I want to be the soul of the party, or that I just like to drink, and I often do compliments, but my problems are far deeper.” – Teresa A.

“I am in my room for hours and hours to look at Netflix or Hulu to distract me from my thoughts, and during times of retreat I often go to the bathroom or settle in some other room because sometimes those situations overburden me.” – Kelci F.

“I say I’m tired or not feeling well … you do not realize how depression can affect you physically, as well as emotionally.” – Lauren G.

“I respond slowly, it slows my brain, and I cannot find the answers to questions quickly.” Species if anyone asks me what I want to do – I really do not want anything I cannot find myself in situations in which then I have to answer, because they exhaust me”. – Erin W.

“Sometimes I forget to eat all day long. I feel my stomach grunting, but I do not have the willpower necessary to get up and cook something.” – Renzi I.

“When I find myself in a large group of people, especially if I just know, I do not speak much, I close myself because of anxiety and depression People think I’m a snob. I have a terrible fear of not pleasure, or who are convinced that I’m ‘crazy’ just looking at me …”- Hanni W.

“I do not feel with anyone, I have a poor personal hygiene and very bad reactions to seemingly trivial situations” – Jenny B.

“I’m angry, bad or bad about the people I love, without even knowing it at first. After that, I realize my words and actions, and I feel disgusted for having outdid my anger over people, which they did not deserve.” – Christie C.

“I am actively seeking to organize my holidays so as not to spend time in the company of my family. Find me in the midst of them talking about the future and the things of life are overwhelming, so avoid it.” – Aislinn G.

“My home is a casino”. – Cynthia H.

“I always volunteer for everything, from parenting-teacher organization meetings to babysitting, to doing some housekeeping at someone’s home. I’m surrounded by situations and obligations that force me to get out of bed and go out because if nobody needs me, nobody wants me.” – Carleigh W.

“I think and plan too much, I feel the need to make sure everything is perfect and that everyone is happy, even though the thing is devoid of all energy, as if feeling someone’s validity could improve things Sometimes I go to the fifth, then I end up collapsing and I do not even enjoy what I’ve been spending weeks or months to program, then I disappear for months and months, retreating into my security bubble.” – Vicki G.

“I always smile, though I do not really go, but I do it because when I’m in the company of others I do not feel I’m right to be sad. I also do everything I can to make others happy, because as I usually do not feel happy, seeing someone else happy makes me feel a little better. I also finish isolating myself, but sometimes I’d like to be in the company of someone.”- Wendy E.

“People do not realize that even before I start to express any opinion I always say ‘excuse’, which then is the measure of how much it feels useless. I apologize if I try something for anything, because it seems to me I’m sorry to ask you to go to the bathroom, no matter how long they are holding up. of a physiological nature on which I cannot exercise any control”. – Amy Y.

“I want to spend basic activities like laundry, and I do not want to cook or eat. They think it’s lazy.” – Rebecca R.

“Sometimes I spend whole days without talking to anyone; people think I ignore them when I really just feel lost in me.” I do not want to give the impression of moving people away from me. , my thoughts are worn out and I cannot find a good reason to do the simplest activities, which for others are daily.” – Alyssa A.

“People do not realize that I cannot say no without feeling guilty. I feel I have to have good reasons for everything I do. I think it’s normal to try to persuade someone to change their minds, but people have no idea how difficult it is to say no, I feel so useless that I feel guilty just to think of putting my needs or desires first. In the end, when I get to the pressure, I feel a doormat. It’s an endless cycle.” – Amy Y.

“Get off or cut the bridges with any person you hold on, because I cannot stand feeling hurt by them! So everyone just thinks I’m bad and social.” – Tina R.

“I do long lonely night walks. Depression keeps me awake, and I feel so crushed by my thoughts that my head seems to me literally cluttered. Those late night walks help silence my voices.” – Lynnie L.

“They often accuse me of not having the sense of humor. Nothing faker Before depression took control of my life I found myself laughing and smiling like everyone Nowadays, after experiencing depression for over fifteen years, even if I find myself having fun or a situation, I can hardly read it in the face, or I can feel laugh. I have the spirit, I manifest it, it costs me too much. “. – Martha W.

“Keep the house dark, console me. People always make me aware: ‘You are clear that you are depressed. You have to put some light on.’ The darkness in the places where I live makes me feel comfortable, almost like if I was not alone, but in the best days I go mad for the sunlight!” – Michelle T.

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