5 bad habits leading to depression

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bad habits leading to depression
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Depression is usually caused by factors outside our will, such as loss of work, a loved one or illness. But there are small choices we make every day that can affect our mood more than we can imagine. Using social media, everyday exercise, and even walking can fade serenity. Fortunately, these behaviors can be changed. Continue reading to find out the 12 ways you look at health, where you’re sabotaging your good humor, and tips to improve.

Walking dangling

Researchers at the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry found that subjects who were asked to walk with curved shoulders and dangling arms had worse moods than those who had a more vigorous pace. The early ones were also more inclined to recall negative things rather than positive ones.

How to be happy? Chin up and back in the waist and life will smile you.

Take pictures continuously

Reggae Instagram, listen. Taking pictures at random can hinder memories of important moments. A study by Psychological Science has suggested this experiment: some subjects sent to the museum with the order to photograph some objects and observe others. In the end it turned out that, they remembered better those observed than those immortalized.

How to be happy? Enjoy the moments and places you visit, just take pictures of really important things.

Letting a bully make you better

Bullying does not end when you leave the school. About 54 million workers, about 35% of US employees, are targeted by a bully at some point in their career, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute. Stay attached to a job despite ill-treatment can be devastating – the report writes – makes it emotionally volatile, so it becomes difficult to get up and go to work.

How to Be Happy? First, discuss your physical and mental health with your doctor and then follow the three steps of the Workplace Institute method.

Do not exercise

Training three times a week decreases the risk of being depressed by 19%, according to a new study by JAMA Psychiatry. More than 11,000 people have been trained to show that the ones I was training were less inclined to depress, the ninth test was the alternation of exercise periods.

How to be happy? Just get out and move. Every type of physical activity keeps the mind moving.

Restate the commitments

Think of a task that you have continued to postpone. If the reason is because it’s boring or just does not go to it, well, we cannot help you. But if you are avoiding the operation because it puts anxiety or fear of failure, then procrastinating makes it all the more enviable.

How to Be Happy? Before tackling the headache problem, do something that helps relieve stress, such as listening to music or running?

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