6 habits of those who suffer from hidden depression

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suffer from hidden depression
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After reading, this article there will be two different reactions. Someone will feel more prepared to understand a loved one; others will recognize themselves in these habits …

  • They can intentionally pretend that everything goes well and also looks very happy and optimistic

The idea that depressed subjects have a lanky and sad person is wrong. Depression is not a mood. Those who live with this disorder have learned to alter their apparent state of mind, succeeding in appearing as one of the most “happy” people we know. Personalities are changing. People with depression often try to show only the positive and more sympathetic aspects of their behavior, no matter what they are going through. No one wants to depress others, even at the cost of hiding their feelings.

  • They can resort to regular remedies

There are serious depression treatments, including psychotherapy and medication use. However, in addition to these remedies, there are habits in the lifestyle used by those with depression to deal with their daily mental state. These remedies can include music, exercise, a ride in the car, a walk, whatever they know can pull them out of a moment of agitation. The hidden depression also affects the different ways people try to tame, by themselves, their own demons.

  • They may have problems with abandonment

Anyone who has experienced depression knows how oppressive it can be. It can also be a burden for the people who are most well off to the sick. Sometimes, let someone enter their life enough to realize their problems, but then they are abandoned. It is difficult to blame others for getting away, but this creates a strong sense of abandonment in those who are ill. There is nothing worse than finding out that your darker part is too much for people you love.

  • They can be real professionals to invent stories

It can be true for everything: from cuts on the arms to the reason, they skipped dinner. People living with different forms of depression face difficulties that may sometimes hinder the normal course of their daily life. In these cases, they know what to say to prevent the attention of others from falling on these manifest manifestations of suffering. Often they do not want to recognize that they are touching the bottom, so they know how to hide it.

  • They have abnormal behaviors related to food and sleep

It may seem like a minor factor, but it has a serious effect. Those who live with depression secretly can sometimes show only the smallest signs. Sleep too much or too little are examples from the manual. The same goes for food: they eat too little or a lot. Sleep and nutrition are two key factors for health. They are also the two elements that the human mind can try to control. Depression creates a lack of suffocating control, being able to impose on something can be all that remains to a person who suffers. Sleep can be impossible or be the only escape route. The same thing applies to food.

  • They have a different conception of the substances

A person who faces depression knows how to monitor what he is supposed to do. He knows that alcohol is a sedative, which abusing it over a long period of time can create a mental state of depression that is less prepared to deal with the average person. They know that caffeine and sugar act as stimulants to mood. They know the effects of drugs. They know what to not mix. They all know this because they experience the alteration of their mental state with greater awareness than other people do.

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