7 bad habits that influence the depression

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bad habits
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There are small choices we make every day that can affect our mood more than we can imagine. Fortunately, these behaviors can be changed and here you will find 7 bad habits that influence the depression in you, where you’re sabotaging your good humor, and tips to improve.

To live a toxic relationship

Many people suffer from anxiety and depression because they live with partners who feel incapable of them, devouring their self-esteem in a devastating way. It often takes years to understand that it is just the wrong love relationships that make it worse at work.

How to be happy? You may need an external look to understand that the fault is of a wrong partner. Help me with that. So it’s worth talking to a professional, a family member, or a friend who can help you recognize the signs of “sentimental mobbing.”

Take life too seriously

A small stumble block turns into an immense tragedy. Widespread practice that does badly in mind. There are dozens of studies that show the benefits of laughter on our physical and mental health. Laughter is the fastest medicine against anxiety and depression.

How to be happy? Try to laugh every day, watching comic shows or spending time with nice friends. It’s okay if you make a good laugh.

Do not sleep

Sleep affects everything, emotional and mental abilities, as well as the functioning of our body. Sleep is our way of regenerating the internal organs, and the deprivation of it destroys our bodies.

How to be happy? Try to understand why you do not sleep and then take all the steps to create a relaxing environment.

Never be alone

Among the thousand commitments of modern life and a certain fear of loneliness, there is a risk of never having a moment for themselves (the time spent in the bathroom does not count). Instead, it is vital, indeed vital, to spend time alone. Whether it’s 10 minutes, an hour, or a day.

How to be happy? planning an appointment with yourself and respecting it. Anxiety and depression will stay out of the door.

Do not talk to anyone

Discussions on Facebook or in chat do not count. They are not real contacts with their friends, nor do they talk to the bartender in the morning. For years we have become accustomed to social network discussions, forgetting face-to-face chats, this diminishes the ability to concentrate when someone speaks to us, and also the ability to figure out whether something is important or not.

How to be happy? followers are not important but friends. It takes a meeting with a relative, acquaintance or anyone at least once a week.

You cannot live without smartphones

Being connected always means never resting, and therefore preventing the body and mind from regenerating. All this eventually becomes anxiety and depression.

How to be happy? You have to create a Sunday of electronics, a day to refrain from any gadget that has a backlit screen. Half a day can be fine.

Being multitasking

We are all involved: in fact, who does not eat in front of the computer, or does not go Facebook while watching TV? Research shows that although many people think they are more productive by multitasking, this is not true. In fact, the following stress prevents us from concentrating on what surrounds us.

How to be happy? Just pay attention to what you are doing and what’s going on around, turning off TV and tablets. Allowing the brain to work out everything that happens without writing it socially can be a good choice for mental health.

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