9 tricks to overcome the stress from going back

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Summer holidays can be said officially to the drifts but already before the holidays 1 out of 5 (21%) was worried about what he would find when he returned, but now that August is almost over “1 out of 3 (32%) finds more stressed of the first “. The most feared aspects are routine return (63%), anxiety at work (57%) and colleagues (49%).

“Stress,” explains Giandomenico Bagatin, a psychotherapist, “is frustrated. Holidays can be enjoyable, but if you go back to an unsatisfied life, you may be more stressed than before.” Excessive holidays also test your health: “Often,” says Luca Piretta, Nutrition Science Specialist, “there are shortage of timetables, alcohol abuse, and sometimes extreme sports made without preparation. Recovery begins with breakfast, since skimming reduces concentration and physical performance, and it also counts water rich in minerals to recover lost salts during the summer.”

Dr Serena Missori, endocrinologist and nutritionist, author of the book “Biotypic Diet”, in collaboration with Consulcesi Club, explains what can be the 9 tricks to overcome the stress from going back to vacation.

1 – Use cold water on the wrists and then on the face. The chills awaken immediately and I’m really tired when you’re sleepy.

2 – Drink a glass of water with freshly picked lemon juice. Lemon juice is acidic, but it helps to alkaline the body by giving a spin of energy.

3 – Move: A moving body tends to stay that way while a resting body tends to rest. In the morning, take a couple of minutes of yoga or hopping, even with children, who will have a lot of fun and prepare themselves before, rather than being called and called by their parents with an irritated voice stamp.

4 – Begin the day by imagine the end result you want to achieve, and perhaps write it down. If you are a schoolgirl, ask them what game they would like to go back to know that something fun is waiting for them too.

5 – Never use your phone in the bathroom; you will save at least 30 minutes. Your friends, contacts, colleagues can wait a few minutes and you can enjoy a bit of privacy without losing the cognition of time and then having to hurry up to be able to do it all.

6 – Set breakfast and lunch the evening before, both for you and for children; already prepare the board for breakfast, choose the smoothies and prepare the dry ingredients in the blender the night before and add the liquid shortly before breakfast. In 30 seconds, everything will be ready. When preparing dinner, leave the food for the next day’s lunch and place it in special containers in the fridge, place a post-it on the front door with a ‘lunch in the fridge’ and place it in your bag before leaving.

7 – In the evening, put snacks directly in the bag, as well as in the children’s backpacks; if you are large enough and self-sufficient you can entrust them with this little task.

8 – Begin the day with a ‘thank you’ and a ‘good morning’, this will prepare your mind to solve problems and not discouragement.

9 – Do not forget to breathe. When you get up very early and have counted minutes, you breathe in superficial and fast way. This increases the state of anxiety and worry.

Take a minute to focus attention on the breath, deeply breathe in by blowing the chest well and exhaling the whole air, preferably in front of an open window.

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