Activated charcoal – An excellent tool for cleansing the pores of the skin

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Are you tired of fighting the small blackheads on your face? Do you benefit from any ready-made creams and masks? And did you know that you can cope with this common problem with a homemade activated charcoal mask that you can cook yourself without someone’s help or tips?

There are quite a lot of recipes for such mask-films, and if you apply them correctly for this or that kind of skin you can achieve amazing results. As for the mask, which includes activated charcoal, it is suitable for any type of skin, so that it can be used by absolutely everyone. In addition, there will not be any negative consequences, but the problem of clogged pores, blackheads and shallow acne will not concern you anymore. Keep readingĀ

How to prepare the activated charcoal mask

What is so amazing cleansing cosmetic means? The main ingredient, of course, is activated charcoal. For the preparation of a charcoal mask DIY, only one and a half tablets of a conventional absorbent preparation will be needed, which today can be purchased not only in any pharmacy but even in a standard supermarket? How well-activated charcoal helps the body cope with the problem of poisoning or intoxication is known to everyone without exception, from small to large. But it turns out that the same activated charcoal in tablets is an excellent means for cleansing the pores of the skin, and it is thanks to this property that the mask with charcoal for cleansing the face is so effective.

The second, not less important, an ingredient in the recipe of this mask is gelatin.

For a single portion of the home mask, it will also require quite a bit, only half a teaspoonful. Just due to its specific properties to turn into a thick “rubber” mass, you can prepare a mask-film.

Well, the third component of the home mask with activated charcoal, which as if by magic wand clears the face of black points – it’s milk, one teaspoon. Milk as part of a mask made of coal and gelatin is also needed to dilute gelatin, and to dissolve activated charcoal, and as a substance that has a softening effect on the skin of the face. If desired, milk can be replaced with boiled water, but if you really want to “put a gloss on your face” and give it impeccable cleanliness, it is better not to depart from the original recipe.

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