You need to break your brain in 10 moves To let go of a holiday

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You need to break your brain in 10 moves To let go of a holiday
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It’s been months for you to plan your vacation and now that you are finally lying in the sun just a few steps from the sea, you just cannot really enjoy this moment of relaxation. Because in the head do not stop to humiliate you all those duties and deadlines that await you when you return to the city. Quiet, you’re not alone in stressing that.

The imperative of the ever-performing efficiency and performance we are accustomed to, the need to always be on the piece that forces us to handle so many things together, often do not slow them down just because we change scenarios when we go on vacation.

Indeed, it usually happens that this harsh braking creates a slight psychological mismatch in which, especially in the early days, it is emotionally more irritable and anxious. In order to align body and mind you have to follow and support your inner time, so you succeed decelerate the biorhythm and educate the mind to give up the grip. Changing lifestyle from one day to the next is not easy, but not impossible. Here’s how to disconnect the plug seriously and finally send not only the body but also ours while in holiday …

  1. Connect, but with reality

The first step is to detoxify the usual compulsion of being eternally online. If you cannot do a will, you can take to take detox breaks from virtually: there are those who choose a beach where there is no camp, others prefer to leave the cellphone on the home bedside table. Find what’s right for you and then raise your head and start looking back to the world to regain the real. Let yourself be amazed and suggestive of what surrounds you, make yourself fascinated and conquer by the people who are beside you. Listen to them, discuss them, exchange ideas. Sharing serious points of view and parts of yourself with others will help you “shield” yourself less behind a display and feel serious about the depth of human ties, even with whom you’ve known for a few days.

  1. Use mantras of joy

When do you least expect it, your mind attacks? Go away with kindness, focusing on the thoughts that make you happy. Everyone has their own, that’s what you have to follow. Whether it is a project, an affection, a desire, the important thing is to make room for positivity. To block negative thoughts, fantasies should be guided to scenes that bring well-being and a sense of tranquility. Look for in the mind the “safe place”, a real or imaginary place, lived or ambush, where you feel protected, serene, in peace. Show your potentialities, not defects, minimize fears and performance anxieties by replacing the “I cannot do it” with a powerful “I can.”

  1. Challenge yourself with new adventures

On vacation, you have lots of opportunities to experience new businesses: test yourself with what may be useful to overcome your limitations and fears, to make experiences you deemed impossible for you. Pull out the playful side and throw yourself out without thinking too much. You will find that you have more courage, energy and courage than you believed and that if you let go, avoiding reflecting on everything, you can get where you want. And once you have passed the test, you will have full self-esteem, as well as a new awareness of yourself.

  1. That boredom be with you!

Let the “sweet to do nothing” caress you without anxieties and pre-arranged programs. Being bored can be a great opportunity to let the mind, free from constraints, vaguely re-emerge with new forms of intuition and productive thoughts. Emptiness, silence, and idleness are the best platform on which to re-listen to, to listen to, to feel. Do not be afraid not to know how to spend time: just follow your biorhythm and let it be time to guide you.

  1. Deserve to relax, seriously

Too often, the much-desired holidays actually trigger guilt for the thousands of things left home. Well, start thinking that you really deserve these holidays, without and without. Do not judge, think rather than the space and time you are finally giving and dedicating are sacred and nothing should contaminate them. Defend your well-being, it’s a way to take care of you and listen to your real needs. You will see, this attitude will be made even healthier and more productive once you return to the usual routine.

  1. Trust yourself at the present moment

Do not revel in things done, nor do you arrogate on issues that will have to happen: just strive to live fully what is going on, every single moment. Be present to yourself as they happen, enjoy without disturbing the emotion of what is happening. Make yourself less selfie and video: once you fill your eyes with panoramas and visions just for you. If you absorb the present by involving all the senses, you will transform your vacation days into really intense and emotionally emotional experiences.

  1. Go hunting for emotions

From food to places to visit, nourish with new stimuli. Experiment, explore, let yourself be conquered from everything that is “different to you”. Use curiosity to know what’s around you, but do not expect occasions to come up with new experiences, find and create! You do not need to go to exotic places to let your life be surprised, grab it and look at it with interest and liveliness.

  1. Being satisfied

Do you want to have a nap, even if it is only noon? Or does a good carbonara go to the face of the heat? Get out of the usual patterns and times: on vacation the password is listening to your needs. Leave the “I must” and leave room to the “want”, in a swirling of actions dictated only by the emotions of the moment. Stress makes you fatty more than an ice cream while being satisfied and satisfied is a great cure for body and soul, the best way to feel really fit and revitalized.

  1. Let your body breathe

Do sports, walk in tranquility, or meditate activities – what matters is to undress your physique by the usual constraints and restrictions and leave it free. Rediscover the pleasure of nakedness, barefoot and pamper yourself with massages and regenerating treatments. You will notice with wonder how many parts of the body we neglect daily and how new stimuli can produce many and important physical responses.

  1. Cultivate your eroticism

Being sheltered from everyday stress, even sexuality can have a new life on vacation. Single or in pairs, the important thing is to not overlook the erotic sphere. Stimulate it with readings, feed your fantasy baggage, dare with new transgressions, overcome some taboos. Make love in a new way or give yourself self-esteem, in a hurry and with dedication. Sexual self-esteem is made of knowledge, awareness, play, experience, listening and self-respect, in the freedom to be what you want.

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